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5 Moves, 30 Minutes: Your Ultimate Kickboxing Workout

[brightcove:5386569812001 default] This article originally appeared on It’s time to give your cardio routine a kick in the you-know-what. Just like other cardio workouts, kickboxing offers all the benefits of a high-intensity routine, […]

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These Are Tracy Anderson’s All-Time Best Ab-Sculpting Moves

[brightcove:5438204957001 default] The truth: The belly is a bad place to pack on pounds. That’s because excess visceral fat—found deep within the abdomen—increases major health risks (heart disease, type 2 diabetes, even dementia). One study revealed that normal-weight women […]

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13 Reasons Your Feet Are Swollen

Whether the swelling is slight or your feet feel like balloons, something's off—and anything from changes in your weight to hormone weirdness to a serious condition like heart disease could be to blame. Our […]

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7 HIIT Mistakes You’re Probably Making

[brightcove:5211279051001 default] This article originally appeared on Considering HIIT — or high-intensity interval training — is known to burn fat, improve metabolic health and increase VO2 max levels, you may have jumped on board enthusiastically. After all, it’s known to […]

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